Devin Hoon Edmonton

Awesome service and a reasonable price. Mak helped me fix my fridge when it hadn't been working for a long time. He helped me diagnose the problem over the phone and then walked me through the potential problem before we booked an appointment. Straight forward and honest. I have already recommended the business to a friend who needs help with their appliances.

Chris Olthuis Edmonton

I called Northgate Appliance about my washer. Mark helped me over the phone to get it going again. So helpful, amazing professionalism, and the best responsive service these days! Thank you so much Mark for your help! I would recommend Mark-the-appliance-repair-guy to everyone

Silvana Cruces Edmonton

Mak was very helpful and pleasant when he came out to look at my fridge. Thank you for providing great service Mak! Will definitely recommend Northgate Appliances.

Refurbished appliance sales in Edmonton


Get the best quality used appliances like never before! Northgate Appliance Service is a highly reliable agency for getting affordable refurbished appliances for your home or office. Depending on your project or house size, we extend multiple solutions. From kitchen items to laundry appliances, we deal with all kinds of appliances. So, if you are looking for the best quality  refurbished appliance sales in Edmonton, you are at the right spot!

Affordable devices within your reach

The residents of Edmonton can now benefit from the best quality refurbished devices with Northgate Appliance Service. We aim to make the best-working, most affordable appliance within every person’s reach. Apart from selling refurbished machines, we also extend repair and maintenance services so that you can save money buying new devices.

We have a proven track record of affordable services of the best quality. Our consistency and punctuality are other reasons why Edmonton residents rely on us. To speak with our experienced members, call us and get the best-listed devices within minutes. 

We cover all the home appliances at a very reasonable price. We test all the secondhand appliances before listing them for sale. Whether you want a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry appliances, we have everything to cover your needs

Many sales companies are not experts on the things they sell. This is not the case with Northgate Appliance Service. Our facilities are based on appliance functioning, and that’s why we identify the best secondhand devices within minutes.

We have experienced technicians that are like walking device manuals. They have years of experience repairing and identifying electronics. They can determine the quality and functionality of a device by just looking at it. Thus, we enlist a refurbished appliance for sale after guaranteeing its results.

Some newly crafted devices get dents and scratches due to mishandling. It can be due to rash transportation or damage during lifting. These devices become unfit to be included in the new appliances list.

They may seem damaged from the outside, but these devices work just as great as newer ones. They may work better compared to refurbished ones. Northgate Appliance Service deals with such appliances also. Buying  our scratch and dent appliances in Edmonton is like purchasing a brand-new machine at extremely low rates.

Get your cutlery washed within minutes with our wide range of exceptional refurbished dishwashers. All are made with exceptional quality, the latest materials, and reputable brands.

We deal with the best quality washing machines and dryers to keep your clothes clean. Our devices are tested and maintained for functioning. We have different sizes and brands of washers per your needs. 

Kitchen devices like Ovens, microwaves, and Stoves require careful operations. That’s why we extend used gas appliances after testing for leakage. 

Our wide range of cooling machines are efficient in keeping your food fresh. We deal with the best quality refurbished fridges and freezers of all sizes and models.